Kevin plays in different worlds and different settings. Most commonly he can be found playing jazz, in many different combinations.

Most simply, he plays solo (unaccompanied) jazz guitar. Imagine solo jazz piano, but played on the guitar. This is perfect for intimate settings, be they dinner or party. It also fits well for wedding ceremonies or receptions.

He plays with many local jazz musicians, including Betsy Stern, Jason Bellenkes, Brian Campbell, Michael Carter, Laurent Fourgo, and Jack Hanan, to name a few.

The nature of jazz combos being so fluid and malleable, a combo can be put together in any size and instrumentation, from a duos all the way up to septets and bigger. You can have a nice little duet (guitar/bass, guitar/guitar, guitar/vocals, sax/guitar, etc.) that can be quiet and mellow. Adding more instruments can pump up the energy level to whatever you want.

Kevin also enjoys doing theater work whenever he gets a chance. In his career he has enjoyed playing several musicals, including West Side Story, Little Shop of Horrors, and Pins and Needles.